College of Arts, Humanities and Languages
Dr. Suy Sareth

Dr. Suy Sareth

Welcome to The College of Arts, Humanities and Languages, the trusted college in quality and excellence. The college is committed to improving and enhancing the quality and excellence in education and research.
The vision statement is “Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders.” This vision represents our strong commitment to the importance of quality based education. Therefore, The College of Arts, Humanities and Languages will help to facilitate the country’s transition to a knowledge-based society.

In order to achieve this vision, CoAHL are trying to improve the academic environment and upgrade the college with modern facilities and study materials in which faculty members and students can develop and dedicate themselves to education at national and global levels and standards.

The College of Arts, Humanities and Languages sincerely hope that our faculty members, adopting a student-centered approach to education to better meet their needs and career expectations, endeavor to do their best in both education and research.
Trusting on CoAH’s journey towards excellence in education and research is to build all UC students to be qualified, successful future leaders.

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